Wanted | YIN Representative for IFA Switzerland

Applications until Sept. 2, 2022

IFA Switzerland is now looking for a Representative responsible for managing the Young IFA Network (YIN) at a Swiss level.

In 2005, IFA International launched its Young IFA Network initiative to support IFA's young colleagues and to recruit new members among young tax professionals.

The objectives of the YIN network are:

• fostering contacts among young members of IFA
• designing and promote programs/activities targetting young IFA members
• identifying ways to strengthen the participation of young members in IFA's work
• providing local discussion forums for young IFA members.

The YIN group of IFA Switzerland has developed its concept to make IFA even more attractive to young people in our association. A series of regional events offers young tax experts a series of opportunities to present topics and make contacts. A mentor accompanies them and advises them as well in the preparation of a given theme as during its presentation. IFA Switzerland organizes the sending of invitations for YIN events to members of the regions concerned. However, all members of IFA Switzerland are welcome.


We kindly encourage our members to send in their application to become our new YIN Representative by e-mail to the secretariat of IFA Switzerland (at the latest by September 2, 2022).


We are looking forward to receiving your application.


Best regards

Stefan Oesterhelt

Secretary of IFA Switzerland



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